Why The Phillippines

Natural choice for offshoring and a leading participant in the BPO sector

Among the most cost-effective BPO locations

Economy stable and growing at approx. 6-7% p.a

English language spoken in the mainstream

Uses Western-based legal and accounting frameworks

Competitive staff costs relative to UK. Labour costs for English speaking professionals are amongst the lowest in the world.

Competitive office space costs relative to UK

Strong commitment from government and private sector for investing in this growing sector

Strong government support in various education initiatives. Strong linkages between government/academia/industry

Large/robust/diverse  talent    pool: Population +/- 100  Workforce +/-45m

+/- 700,000 college graduates p.a. and 2 m. graduates p.a. from technical and vocational courses

 Young, aspirational, competent and enthusiastic workforce available 24x7x365

BPO Solutions providers accustomed to servicing any time zone using seamless staff shift arrangements

Reliable communications, IT and power supply facilities

Abundant low cost/high quality real estate available for office space in several urban areas

High adaptability to Western culture. Filipinos known for their emphasis on customer service

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