Banking & Financial

The Financial and Banking industries are some of the most dynamic industries, driven by changing markets, morphing regulatory frameworks and a relentless drive to reinvent and optimize.

Tech & Communications

Technology and Communication are a fundamental part of our lives; thus, the High Tech and Telecommunications industries are on a constant quest to innovate and improve the quality of life of billions for humans on the planet.


Achieving customer satisfaction in today's retail and consumer products environment is proving increasingly challenging. The market has become global, requiring cost-efficient access to multilingual support staff, ideally sourced from one supplier.


Products and retail experiences are now no longer standalone, they have become consumer experiences and customer support is core to that overall experience. Our staff is experienced in offering support for a wide range of consumer products, from food products to electronics, from high tech to low tech.

Energy & Utilities

The rising cost of energy resources, the advancement of information technology, the increase of regulatory pressure and the intensified consumer consciousness are driving transformation in the utility industry.

Travel & Hospitality

If you're in the travel and hospitality industry, you need to keep an eye out for lots of threats to your business. Fluctuating fuel prices, new, low-cost competitors, online booking, economic instability and increasing regulation are all factors that must be accounted for.


The offshoring of website and social media management by skilled and creative staff can produce substantial benefits to companies with heavy activity in these areas. Complement by staff skilled in animation, GPM can provide a full-media service.

Real Estate

Property owners can benefit from the offshoring of accounting and property management functions, including coordination of maintenance.


Back-office functions, including billing and preparation of transcripts from dictated files, can be offshored easily and effectively, providing immensely cost-effective solutions to law firms.


The healthcare sector often experiences significant pressures in sourcing some skills in a cost-effective manner. Back-office related work processes can be offshored efficiently to the Philippines and undertaken as if they are done locally. Dedicated on-site healthcare nursing staff can be sourced from the Philippines subject to the prevailing conditions and regulations at any given time.


The shipping industry can experience significant volatility in freight rates and, by association, revenues. Fleets under ownership and management can also fluctuate significantly as companies adjust fleet size for a variety of reasons including fleet renewal or to take advantage of favourable asset prices in the buying/selling process. Therefore, maintaining a lean, efficient and cost-effective organisation is paramount in serving as a solid platform to safely manage such variations in revenues and/or fleet size. Core competencies can be maintained at head office whilst ancillary services can efficiently and reliably be offshored to a partner in the Philippines.