Do I need to register a local company to start my operations in Manila?

No, GPM as a provider of offshore office hosting services in Manila enables our clients to set up their own virtual office without the need to register their own local company, or to have any capital expenditure.

What are the costs associated with offshore office hosting?

There are three (3) parts:

  1. Monthly recurring fees and charges per person - includes facilities and workstations, telecommunications and network access, human resources and payroll administration, computer equipment and services
  2. Personnel salaries and benefits - shall be treated as "pass-through costs" with no mark-up from GPM to our client
  3. One-time fee - recruitment services, mobilization services, and project management services (as needed)

Is your proposed office facility PEZA- accredited?

Currently, the Times Plaza building is not PEZA-accredited.

What is the minimum number of seats you will accommodate?

A client may start with just one seat and employee with us until the need arises to grow further. We are flexible with regard to the requirements of small to medium-sized companies.

What is your standard for workstations?

  • Rectangular desks (120 cm in length)
  • Rectangular desks (150 cm in length)
  • Manager's set-up, L-shaped desk (120 cm x 120 cm or 150 cm x 150 cm in length), with cubicle enclosure or divider

How much are the typical salaries of an accountant, customer service person, IT technician, sales person,etc?

The salaries depend on the job description and job requirements. We have good market intelligence when it comes to the going salaries for the most common positions. Please send us the job description and job requirements and we will provide you with more specific information.

How soon can a selected candidate start in our offshore team?

We have a 45-day indication for our recruitment process. This is on the assumption that most of the candidates presented for the approval of the client or for final interview, will be in an existing job and thus needs to provide due notice of usually 30 days to the present employer. So GPM's window is quite narrow, and to this end we work with 8 to 10 recruitment companies in order to speed up the process for our clients.

How is the recruitment process?

As also shown on our Home page - How it works, please see below our simple process:

  1. Send us the job description
  2. GPM finds you the suitable candidates
  3. GPM does initial interview(s), but you do the final interview and decide whom to hire

GPM takes care of the hiring, documentation and on-boarding.