Christos Papalexis

Director GPM

Christos was raised and educated in London, UK. He made an early start in the shipping business as an intern before and whilst attending university and was subsequently active in shipping for over 25 years, the majority of that time as a senior executive of a private ship management and shipping group based between London, UK, and Athens, Greece.

He has been involved in the management of a diverse range of ocean-going vessels, including oil tankers, chemical tankers and bulk carriers, of all sizes, for a variety of first-class clients who have included publicly-listed shipping companies, private shipowners and financial institutions who have controlled ships from time to time. He has also been involved in the management of distress/workout situations involving shipping assets on behalf of such financial institutions. He continues to participate in the shipping business as an investor in publicly-listed shipping companies and has been a frequent contributor to the shipping media.

Christos served on the Board of Directors of the London-based Greek Shipping Co-operation Committee (est. 1935) between 2000-2012 and represented the interests of the Greek shipping community on the Safety & Environment Committee of the UK Chamber of Shipping between 2008-2014.

He is an Associate Member of Greece's Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association (HELMEPA) and a Fellow of the UK's Institute of Directors.

He has enjoyed a long association with the Philippines going back over three decades and in particular with the Magsaysay Group, the parent group of Global Process Manager (GPM) and one of Asia's leading human resources organisations.